How much time just before my rug is absolutely dry after the cleaning is done?

Usually, it will take about several hrs for a carpet to dry completely. Upon request, we are able to use air moving systems to speed up the drying up to three times.

Can you give FULLY guarantee that each and every spot will be eliminated from my carpet?

We do not give guarantees for spot elimination, the main reason being that a lot of spots are too old or have actually caused permanent problems to the fabric to be eliminated.

My family is very environmentally conscious actually, do you provide environmentally friendly cleaning?

Of course, almost all our services are eco-friendly. We utilize only Prochem certified, risk-free and environmentally friendly alternatives.

I would like my carpet cleaning to be completed on a bank holiday – is it possible and will it cost more?

We are available at any time and do not charge more for cleaning on weekends and bank holidays.

Am I able to rely on your cleaners cleaning my workplace premises on Saturdays and Sundays?

Every one of our specialists has been hand-picked, based on recommendations or personal acquaintances. They are all completely vetted. In addition, our cleaning services are absolutely insured.